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Seagull S6 spruce GT

This Canadian guitar is handcrafted from a variety of quality tonewood including wild back cherry and cedar. The Seagull S6 boasts a tapered headstock for precision and stable tuning. It also features a compensated saddle and tusq nut for better intonation. This guitar delivers warm, crisp and beautiful tones further highlighting the attention to detail involved in assembling this acoustic guitar. Playing the seagull S6 makes you feel like you're fingerpicking a thousand dollar instrument except you are actually paying half the price.

Epiphone Texan

This acoustic guitar from Epiphone has it all, magnificent looks, magical sound, and a superb reputation to boot. The Epiphone Texan has been wowing musicians and artists alike since the 1960s with its unique playing style. This eye-catching guitar boasts a high-quality cherry sunburst finish. A rosewood fingerboard complements its solid mahogany body with parallelogram inlays. However, the Epiphone Texan is not all about looks; this acoustic guitar is capable of producing breathtaking true-to-life sound. Whether you are jamming with friends or performing at a gig, the Epiphone Texan always delivers. This acoustic guitar is a definite steal given its affordable price tag.

Taylor big baby

Taylor is famous for producing some of the best dreadnought acoustic guitars on the market today. Unlike the full-sized dreadnoughts offered by Taylor, the big baby still offers incredible sound at a fraction of the price of its more expensive siblings. Taylor understands that build quality determines sound quality and for this acoustic guitar, they chose solid Sitka spruce wood for its back and sides. At just over $400, the Taylor big baby makes for a sleek yet rich-sounding musical instrument.

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4. Fender FA-100 If you are a beginner and you're looking to suitable entry-level guitar, then the fender FA-100 should be top of your list. Its dreadnought body produces pleasant tones with properly balanced bass. The acoustic guitar also comes with a padded bag should you decide to take it out of town for a gig.

5. Takamine G series While it's common for some Takamine G series to go beyond the 500 dollar mark, the GN30CE still offers great sounding tones while managing to stay just under $500. This acoustic guitar sports a solid spruce top with mahogany back as well as in-built tuners and EQ controls. All in all, the Takamine G series is a stage-worthy acoustic guitar that deserves a look.

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